50 Shades of Grey for Android

This week I’m doing Technocamps work with AppInventor (a visual programming tool for Android development) at Coleg Ceredigion.

I’ve been playing around with some simple demo apps to introduce ideas and really wanted one that had swiping actions. So I made 50 shades of grey.

When you swipe left or right, the app increments or decrements the intensity of grey – providing 50 distinct shades of grey.

Alt42 50 shades for android

Alt42 50 shades for android

I’m not adding it to Google play, but you can download the source code here and the apk here.

Simply upload the .zip file from the “My Projects” page of AppInventor. Find more about AppInventor, and get started, here: http://appinventor.mit.edu/ I have some professional concerns about AppInventor as a viable development platform, I also dislike the term “app”. Nevertheless, it is certainly fun.

You need to enable USB dev mode on your android device (under settings, varies slightly for phones/tablets) If you’ve got an HTC make sure you install HTC Sync, for a Nexus install the Nexus drivers. Avoid using the emulator unless your computer is fast (you might need to increase memory allocation to the JVM).

Alt42 50 shades for android

Alt42 50 shades for android

I hope it’s a nice simple example for anyone looking to integrate swiping action into their apps. Here’s a few other quick ones:

Sarcastic 8 ball:

Coin Toss:

Homework Excuse Generator:

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